As a member of your society, you have been chosen to represent your sector of Middle Eastern society in a panel discussion from a particular time period. The panel will consist of four members that will work as a team to design a presentation for modern Americans.
bulletYour teacher will assign your group a time period in modern History to begin your research.  The time periods are as follows:
  1900-1925  1925-1950  1950-1975 1975-Present  
bulletYou will assume the role of Reporter, Geographer, Local Citizen or Political Analyst to research your area of expertise in the Middle East.
bulletYou will write a short essay about your time period from the point of view of your chosen role. (Can be one specific event from your time period.)
bulletYou will create a group presentation to present your information in class along with the other panel members from your time period that will include visual aids containing at least one map of the area from your time period.


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