Scoring Rubric For Japan Web Quest

Background Paper Rubric


The background paper includes information on all of the following specified topics:(2 points for each category)

__ Geography

__ Basic History

__ Religion

__ Culture

Length of Paper

                                        0                                1                                2

                    Paper is less than 1 page        Paper is 1-2.5 pages        Paper is 2.5-3 pages

Overall Quality of Paper


                                       1                                   3                                               5

                     Paper shows little effort     Paper shows some effort      Paper is well organized and                    

                            or creativity.                       and creativity.             creatively creates a picture of Japan.


Total Points:__/15


Map Rubric


Your map should include all of the following: (5 points each)

__Major Cities in Japan

__Major Surrounding Bodies of Water

__Surrounding Nations

__Clearly Stated and Detailed Information as Far as the Map's Overall Presentation 

Total Points:__/20


Itinerary Rubric


Itinerary includes information on the following categories: (5 points for each category)

__Dates of Trip Specified

__Passport Information

__Flight Information (Including Prices)

__Lodging Information (Including Prices)

__Calendar (Upcoming Major Japanese Events/Holidays)



__Major Sightseeing Attractions

__Transportation Options




Overall Quality of Itinerary

                            0                              5                        10

                   Poor Effort             Average Effort        Excellent Effort

Total Points:__/65

Total Web Quest Project Points:__/100