Web Quest: Plan A Trip To Japan



                                                                                                                     By Jamie M. Knapp


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There are many destinations in the world that people dream of visiting. They dream of mountains and beautiful scenery, ancient buildings and art work. They yearn for a glimpse into different cultures and ways of life other than what they have become accustomed to day in and day out.  This is where you come in. You are a travel agent. Your job is to make people's dreams come true. You get to plan their dream vacations.

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You have just had a couple come in to your office and express their interest in planning a dream vacation to Japan. They do not know anything about the country itself and are eager to learn about the country's culture as well as its historical and geographic background. It is your job to present the couple with this background information as well as an itinerary mapping out their entire trip to Japan if they decide that this is the destination of their choice for their dream vacation.

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1) You will be broken down into groups of 3.

2) Your first task will be to write a 2.5-3 page background paper on Japan. This paper should just be an overview of the country itself. It should include information on the following: geography, basic history, religion, culture and any other type of information that you may see as important in gaining a better understanding of the nation of Japan. You will find all of the information for this paper in the links that are provided in the Student Background Information section.

3) Your next task is to create a detailed map of Japan and its surrounding areas. You will find useful   information for creating your map in your class notes as well as in the Student Background Information section. Your map will be presented to the class on presentation day.

4) Your final task is to create a trip itinerary. You will present your final itinerary to the class on presentation day. Your itinerary should be clearly written on a poster board. You should be as creative as possible when designing the itinerary board. Your itinerary must include the following information:               

  Dates of the trip
  Passport Information
  Flight Information (Including prices)
  Lodging Information (Including prices)
  Calendar (Upcoming Major Japanese Events/Holidays)
  Costume (Information on traditional Japanese clothing)
  Major Sightseeing Attractions
  Transportation Options


5) You will have 3 class periods to work on the web quest. You will present your final itinerary and map to the class. Make sure to look at the Scoring Rubric that I will be using in grading your final projects. You will be given one group grade and it will be worth 100 points. The paper is worth 15 points, the map is worth 20 points and the itinerary is worth 65 points. 

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 I hope that you are able to plan the best possible vacation and learn a little bit about Japan in the process. Good luck travel agents!             

Student Background Information   Back To Top

These links will be helpful in supplying you with all of the information that you will need for the web quest.

The Japan Times: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/

The Japan FAQ:  http://thejapanfaq.cjb.net/

Japan National Tourist Organization: www.jnto.go.jp/

World Travel Guide: www.travel-guide.com/data/jpn/jpn.asp#

Hotels/Travel-Japan: www.hotelstravel.com/japan.html

Japan Zone: www.japan-zone.com

Japan For Visitors: http://gojapan.about.com/

My Travel Guide: Japan: www.mytravelguide.com/countries/japan/

Japan Travel: www.asiadragons.com/japan/travel/

Outdoor Japan: www.outdoorjapan.com


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Jamie M. Knapp at sun25shine@hotmail.com

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