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1.  You will be placed in groups of four people.

2.  After getting into your group, your members and you will decide on who will research and imitate the assigned roles. Each role will have different responsibilities and will be responsible for different and important parts of the webquest.

3.  The roles in which to pick from are as follows:





Click on your role in order to find out your duties, responsibilities, and research instructions. 

4.  In addition to your assigned role in the family, you will have to work with your family to come up with important aspects of  the project.  Your group will be responsible for answering the following questions: (NOTE: Some of these questions will need to be answered before working on your individual roles!)

  • What country does your family come from?

  • What are some important reasons for fleeing your native country and making the journey to the United States.

  • What area of the United States is your family going to be moving to?

5.  After answering the above important questions and researching your independent role, you will meet with your group to discuss your findings.  You and your family group will then put together a small presentation to present your family to the rest of the class.  You will be given poster board and markers to put together for the presentation.  You may want to print out a flag of your native country to display on the poster as well as other pictures that portray the industrial revolution, immigration, your new and old nation, and your family.  The presentation will need to include, but is not limited to,  the following information to tell your fellow classmates and instructor about:

  • Where you family came from?

  • Why they left and came to America?

  • What hardships they might have faced?

  • What port of entry did your family arrive at?

  • What important documents were need to enter the United States?

  • What type of work will the family do in the United States?

  • Will the children be allowed to work?

  • Do you think that your life will be better in America than in your native country?