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      The Industrial Revolution had its beginnings in Great Britain, yet the revolution quickly made its way to the United States.  The Revolution began in Britain during the period of 1760 to 1850 and spread to the United States near 1790 with the invention of the cotton gin by Eli Whitney in 1793.  Samuel Slater, known as the Father of the American Industrial Revolution, opened the first successful textile mill in the United States in 1793 as well.  The Industrial Revolution in the United States had begun.  With the Revolution came changes in family life, work life, social life, and and economic life.  America would grow from a traditional farming country to a booming industrial powerhouse.  With this explosion came new cities, new businesses, and most importantly new people.  During the early years (1800-1880) of the Industrial Revolution, thousands of immigrants came to America to find work due to the country's new found success. In the later years of 1880-1930, approximately 27 million immigrants entered into the United States.

      Life for these new immigrants was extremely difficult.  They came from different lands, backgrounds, religions, and situations. Immigrants poured in from around the world with large populations of coming from Germany, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Poland, Great Britain, and China.  This webquest is designed for you to get a better look and understanding of what it was like for these immigrants coming to the United States.  You will better understand their histories, struggles, and experiences through a family's perspective.