The information needed to complete the Cathedral Webquest can be found at the following sites:

Online Encyclopedias

The Columbia Encyclopedia Encyclopedia


Other Useful Sites

Alan Peterson's Art History Page - An excellent site for information on Gothic architecture.  Has a lot of good pictures.

Earthlore Gothic Dreams - Another good website on Gothic art and architecture.  Has some good information on Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

Gothic Cathedrals - A short, but good website dealing with Gothic architecture.

Gothic and Romanesque Architecture - This site contains many good pictures of Gothic and Romanesque architectural features.  Also, this site contains an excellent glossary of Gothic and Romanesque terms.

Basilicas and Romanesque Cathedrals - A pdf file that provides extensive information on Romanesque architecture.

Romanesque Web - A portal that links to many sites pertaining to Romanesque art and architecture.

Romanesque Art - A good, but short website dealing with Romanesque art and architecture.