US Natural Hazards


By: Annie Breier

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Natural hazards of the United States affect the earth in a variety of different ways causing destruction and death.
You will be researching hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes, tsunamis, and winter storms.  You will
research one of these natural hazards and define where in the U.S. they occur, how and why they occur, the mass
destruction it brings, and an average of fatalities.  With your information gathered, you will design a 
newspaper headline describing to the town what they can expect, shelters, risk, and destruction.




Natural hazards affect every region of the United States.  Humans and the earth take on a great toll during a natural hazard in effect and it is not widely known how they occur or what kind of destruction it can cause.
Your task is to:

    1.  Independently, using the resources provided, research one natural hazard which I will assign to you, and
         write a paper on its' definition, where in the U.S. they occur, how they occur, destruction, and fatalities.

    2.  In your group, you will design a newspaper headline telling people what to expect when the hazard         comes their way.  Shelters, destruction factors, etc.

    3. In your group, you will present the power point presentation and newspapers headline to the class.  









I.    Research Paper
       A.  Your paper should include the following:
             1.  Explanation of  natural hazard you have been assigned
             2.  Definitions
             3.  Where in the U.S. they occur
             4.  How they occur ( the functions)
             5.  Destruction
             6.  Safety
             7.  Fatalities

II.    Design a one page newspaper headline of the natural hazard
           In your group you will create a one page newspaper headline explaining to the town what to expect from the natural hazard, the risks, shelter to be taken, and destruction.

III.    In your group, you will also create a power point presentation on the information gathered.













Research paper Does the paper give accurate definitions, functions, risks, destruction, scales of the natural hazard? If so, full credit will be awarded (25 points)
Power point Do the slides have the accurate information displayed with reference to materials used (internet sites, etc) Full credit will be 15 points

Newspaper article


Students will be graded on the design and creativity of the article Full credit will be 50 points
Cooperative learning Did all members work together as a group?  Did everyone have the same amount of work to do? Full credit will be 10 points








Natural hazards effect every region of the United States.  It involves mass destruction and loss of life all too often.  Your journey through this WebQuest was designed to help you learn about the natural hazards, their
occurrence, functions, and the kind of harmful outcomes they bring.  Hopefully more people will learn
about these hazards so they can be prepared for anything that will come their way.  I hope you have enjoyed your journey through this WebQuest and the activities that comes along with it.