USF's WebQuest 




By: James Wilson





Ever look at your video game console or favorite toy and notice the “made in Taiwan” stamp on it? Do you know where Taiwan is? It’s on the other side of the world by China! That’s an awfully long way for something to have to travel just to get to you.


To get goods from the other side of the world requires many types of infrastructure support systems for that to happen. Most adults don’t realize how much work it really requires and takes things like this for granted. I want you to be smarter than most adults so I’m going to have you learn exactly what it takes to get a product that may only cost $.99 to the store shelves all the way from Taiwan to the store right down the road!




            You are going to become Taiwan’s newest product, the Student Bot 300X, the smartest piece of technology created by man. As a test of your superiority, your makers want to know if you can get yourself and other Student Bot 300Xs to the store shelves. You will need to figure out how to get all the way from the other side of the planet, Taipei, to our school in Tampa, Florida. You will start by locating Taiwan on a map some where online (Yes that’s right! You come equipped with Wi-Fi technology standard) and then Taipei. Chart your trek from Taipei to Tampa as you go. Write down in detail what form of infrastructure you took, its name, and what other infrastructures supported you along the way. Utilize your maps to document where you are as you travel across oceans, over mountains, and through forests. 


There are a few rules though! You are the only Student Bot 300Xs that is operating and must figure out how to transport your deactivated friends with you. There are 10 of you, each weighing  154 lbs (70kg) each. Since you and your friends are machines, you can be broken down into three parts weighing 44lbs 55lbs and 55lbs. You have to use surface transportation to get to your destination as air travel is too expensive. For every ten dollars you save under $1,000 dollars earns you +1% bonus point on your grade for this assignment.


Some things to know and think about…

?         The Taiwan dollar is indicated by the symbol (NT$) this means New Taiwan Dollar

?         Your start your journey in Taipei

?         You should choose the most logical, or easiest, way to get from Taipei to Tampa. This means you shouldn’t be in Alaska or Antarctica as you travel.

?         The postal code for your school is XXXXX

?         Taiwan is an island.

?         You may need to convert money into dollars, the New Taiwan Dollar is economically weaker than the US dollar and may appear like a lot of money. The cost of your trip must be in US dollars.

?         You are not a living being.





            Start by locating and marking Taiwan on a world map. Then you will need to figure out a way to get to the school. As you travel, write down in your journal what type of infrastructure you took and its name to get where you are. Write directions for future Student Bot 300Xs to follow to get to our school. For instance, if you took I-275 south from I-75 write down something like “From the junction at I-75 and I-275 we went south on I-75 to Fletcher Ave. I-75 and I-275 are interstate highways and are supported by gas stations and bridges.” Calculate the cost of you and your fellow Student Bot 300Xs to get to your destination. Once you have a number, document how you got that number in a way that others can follow to arrive at the same cost.


Some useful websites you might want to look at…








Currency Converter


Google Images




            Now that you have a detailed journal of your travels, think about what would happen to all commerce if any one of these infrastructures were to break and unusable. What would happen to you with out these various forms of infrastructure? Prepare a one page statement of concern about the consequences of no longer having these things we take for granted for home work and be ready to present it in class tomorrow. Remember about all the various forms of infrastructure you used to get to your destination and use that in your justification for your concern.





Self Assessment

Teacher Assessment

Student documented their travels by indicating which type of infrastructure they used and labeled it properly.




Student documented their travels and teacher was able to follow them without confusion to their destination.




Student documented which supporting infrastructures were connected to the infrastructure they used. i.e. power lines, gas stations.




Student showed the cost of their travels and how they arrived at their cost.




Student’s cost was under $1,000 when they arrived at their destination.




Student completed a thoughtful statement of concern regarding infrastructure