USF's WebQuest 

Economic Report

Erika Arellano


Welcome to economics from the past and the present day aspects of corporations. In this webquest you will be doing an in depth research on how industries have evolved over time. This webquest is designed so that you can create an economic report that compares working conditions during the Industrial Revolution to present day corporations.


Students will research how industries have evolved over time. Students will research the historical aspects of how factories/ businesses were run during the Industrial Revolutions. Students will also research a present day corporation, such a Coca-Cola, Gap, Inc, or Nike. Students will then prepare an economic report that compares and contrasts the differences from the past industries with the present day corporations.


The first day: Students will research and include the following historical information: Products begin produced during the Industrial Revolution, Employees, Wages, and Working Conditions

The second day: Students will research and include the following present day information: Products, Employees, Careers, and Benefits


Industrial Revolution Websites:

Present Day Corporations:





Your presentation will be evaluated using the following rubric that will be completed by the teacher. The webquest is worth a total of 50 points. Forty points will be based solely on your presentation. Ten points will be based on your work during research time in the computer lab.

Sample Rubric below:



(10 Points)


 (5 Points)


( 1 Point)

Points Received


Eloquent; shows enthusiasm for subject; appropriate volume and speed

Shows some but not all qualities of exceptional delivery

Inappropriate volume or rate of speech



Presents report in a logical, interesting sequence that the audience can follow

Information is interesting, but some aspects are not clear

Information is not presented in a logical, interesting sequence; audience can not follow



Presentation is well organized and includes all requested items

Shows some but not all qualities and requested items

Poorly organized and inappropriate length and shows a lack of understanding of information


Appropriate level of detail

Gives enough information to clarify the topic, but not include irrelevant details

Includes some irrelevant details of leaves out some important information

Does not include sufficient details to support presentation, or often includes irrelevant information




Congratulations! You have completed your research for gathering information for your economic report. You should now have a better understanding of how the Industrial Revolution helped to transform economic systems due to the change in how goods were produced and how employees were treated. You should  also have gained skills in internet research, as well as better presentation skills.