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Cover Your Assets

Brian Wassmuth



from the CEO

Attention AVINDA Investors

As the new CEO of your Private-equity firm "Avinda" I would like to announce some new changes that will be occurring shortly. Since the last CEO of this company failed the meet the goals that the Board of Investors had agreed to, I have been put in his place to turn this firm around.  The Firm has allocated $300 Million in the first fiscal quarter 2007. Avinda is looking for a minimum return of at least 5.25% annually on its investment to cover investment payouts and company overhead.

Being new to this firm I am looking for fresh ideas to take the company in a new direction. With-in a week I am  going to announce a major shakeup within the firm where there will be significant opportunity for advancement. You are all likely candidates, so now is your time to shine. I am specifically looking for diversification so you need to pay close attention in your allocation of our $300 Million dollar investment.

You have asked your intern to conduct some preliminary research on the economic outlook of 2007, which you will use as a basis for your proposal and as support for your arguments. I look forward to working with you all.


Jonathan Hayes   CEO




Attention Avinda Investors

I would like to bring to your attention what is expected from your proposals. First of all, Your proposals must be diversified. Each of the following investment options should be thoroughly looked into:

  1. Commercial Property investment: Retail Centers, Commercial Vacant Land, Franchises 

  2. Residential Property Investment: Town Homes, Condos, Residential Homes  .

  3. Precious Metal: Platinum, Silver, Gold

  4. Conservative Investments: Bonds, Treasury Bills, Corporate Bonds, CDís

  5. Stock Market: Indices, Real Estate Investment Trusts Indices (REITs), Individual Stocks, Mutual Funds, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), and Indexes such as Dow Jones and NASDAQ composite.

  6. Art and Antique collectables

Your proposal must be no longer or shorter than 2-3 pages. They must be typed and should analyze the pros and cons of each investment topic. This proposal will include a diversified asset allocation plan and a projected return on the initial investment. The projection must exceed the companyís overhead for the first fiscal quarter of 5.25%.

In addition, once the proposals have been submitted, you may want to begin to prepare for your presentation. Investors' presentations should be about 15 minutes. This will be your final chance to try to sell your ideas to the CEO and Board of Directors (Instructor and Class). This presentation must consist of a PowerPoint Presentation, with a minimum of 8 slides, or 5 Posters, which you will use to demonstrate your investment allocation strategy.

I know this is a lot of work for you to do, so you better get started. I hear that deadlines come up fast around here. To get you started I am providing you with some materials that cover some of the basic principals of investing. I know that having a good understanding of these basic concepts has helped me get where I am and I strongly urge you to have a firm understanding of them as well. So, follow these links and read about these basic investing topics, by the time you are done reading my resources your intern will have probably have finished finding materials to help you form your own investment strategy.

I wish you good luck and I look forward to seeing your work.


Jonathan Hayes   CEO 

Research Link


Hello Sir,

I have been working hard today to find you some information for your Investment Plan. I have found a lot of information that you should read through, which I am sure will help you with your proposal.

Now, I know that I am new at this Sir, so I the other interns and I worked together to find this information to give to all of the other investors at Avinda. Due to this, you will probably want to do a little bit of your own research so that you can bring in some new and more creative ideas.

Well I am off to the show tonight with to other interns. Good luck with your proposal.


Commercial Real Estate
Residential Real Estate
Precious Metals
Conservative Investments
Stock Market
Art and Antiques






 (5 pts)



(4 pts)



(3 pts)

Mostly complete

(2 pts)

Work is incomplete

(1 pt)



(0 pts)

Total Points


Information is free of mistakes and relevant to the project. Information is insightful and well researched and supported

Information is good, with minimal errors.

Information is insightful and well researched and supported

Information is mostly accurate, however several errors are present. Or  Information is not insightful and is poorly researched and supported

Some of the group work is incomplete and the presentation is missing important information.

The work is mostly incomplete.

Information is not gathered.  The work is not at all completed



Presentation is well planned, and speech is complete and entertaining. Is 17-13 min. Long

Presentation is completed, but not practiced.  Is 18-12 min. Long

Presentation is not completely finished, but important details are included. Or  18+ or less than 10 min.

Presentation is missing important details.

Or less than 6 min.

Most of the presentation is incomplete.

Less than 5 min.

This portion of the project is not attempted by student


Visual Aid

Visual aid is relevant and creative. 8 Slides or 5 Posters are present

Visual aid is relevant, however appears rushed. . 8 Slides or 5 Posters are present

Visual aid is not completely accurate to investment ideals.  Or

7-6 slides or 4-3 posters are present

Visual aid is not accurate. And/or 5-3 slides of 2 posters are presents

Very incomplete slides and/or less than 2 slides or posters are present

There is not a visual aid presented



Student works well throughout entire project

Student works well the majority of the time

Student works well and performs most of their duties

Student has several problems during work

Student does not participate in his/her assigned role

Student does not participate at all or causes problems


Computer Use

Follows all rules

Reminded once of rules

Reminded two times or rules

Reminded three times of rules

Reminded four times of rules

Student lost computer privileges


Total Points Received  ___________________
























You are the best and brightest that this school has to offer, and in a few years you will be some of top recruits entering corporate America. As such, you will be vying for competitive positions where you will be making crucial decisions that will impact your perspective firmís capital and resources, as well as assets of your own. The lesson, that you just completed, was designed to prepare you for the real world decisions that you will face. Not only have you learned more about investment topics, diversification, and strategies, but you have also practiced how to create proposals and give presentations, in a fashion that is strikingly close to how it will actually be once you are a professional. In the future you will undoubtedly be using the skills you are learned and well as the knowledge you have gained for this lesson. So keep these things in mind when you enter this highly competitive world, and always remember to