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Department of Secondary Education

Internship Requirements


All school districts require finger prints and will conduct a background check prior to assignment of the final internship. Some districts also require drug testing.

Application & Assignment Process

Undergraduates and MAT students must have a full-time internship in order to complete their degree programs.  It is almost impossible to continue working a full-time job (other than teaching, see paid internship below) to complete the course. 

  1. You will apply in early January for the upcoming fall and in early June for the upcoming spring in which you intern.

  2. Internship is usually your last semester.

  3. You may have some courses left to take in the semester following internship and you can take one course in the internship semester, although it is not recommended.

  4. You should expect that the 4000 and 5000 level COE courses would be completed before internship.

  5. You must have completed all methods courses.
  6. You will need to have at least a 3.0 for masters students and 2.5 for undergraduates.

  7. You chose a county in Florida in which you wish to intern.

  8. You will need to pass a criminal background check and be finger printed.

  9. The school district will assign you to either a middle or high school to teach social sciences courses.

  10. You will have an "in-school" supervisor.  This is a subject area teacher whose classes you will eventually take over during the semester.

  11. You will have a "university" supervisor who will visit and observe you during the semester.

  12. Both supervisors have the dual role of mentor and evaluator and will assign your grade.

  13. Undergraduate Students must submit applications to EDU 106.

  14. MAT students must submit their applications to the program advisor for review and signatures.

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There are two kinds of Internships:

1. Internship which is a "Preservice" internship , meaning it is taken prior to a person entering service as a teacher.  This is the one described above and which 95% of our students complete. This is the only option for undergraduates, go to Internships.

2. "Paid" internships (MAT students only) are available to students who are employed by a school as a teacher.  Such students must apply for an internship like all other students and must complete an additional Paid Internship Application, making sure to heed application deadlines. This second application includes a specification of the particulars of your teaching position.


Additional Criteria for Paid Internship

Paid internships are not automatic. Paid internships can only be approved for exemplary graduate students. Particular emphasis is placed on the Professional Disposition having been demonstrated during course work, irrespective of the final grades earned. Students must have affirmatively demonstrated maturity, self-sufficiency, professionalism, and exceptional academic acumen throughout their course of study. 


In paid internships student are working as teachers with at least three education courses as part of their assignment.  They register for the same 6 credit hour internship course as do other students. A university supervisor visits them as they do for other students, but they - obviously - do not take over someone else's classes and their in-school supervisor is often the principal, assistant principal, or department chair. Paid interns need less supervision because they are successfully operating as a teacher. Download the Paid Internship Form. To learn more about the USF internship program go to Internships.


See Program Specfic requirement at each Program





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