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Department of Teaching and Learning

Application Process for
Graduate Programs

1. Complete the Online Application as a Degree Seeking student or contact the Graduate School at 813-974-8800. Be sure to submit all information (e.g., letters of recommendation, test scores, etc.) requested by your particular program area.

2. Be sure to have your “official” transcripts sent to the Graduate School Admissions Office.


USF Admissions

4202 E. Fowler Ave, SVC 1036

Tampa, FL 33620

Office: 813-974-3350

Fax: 813-974-9689


Note: Contact the Graduate Admission office for information about the status of your application.


3. Once the admissions packet is complete, the Graduate School will send it to the COEDU and the appropriate Secondary Education Program for consideration.


4. The Program faculty will recommend your admission, contact you for additional information if required, defer admission until you meet the necessary criteria, or deny admission.

 5. The COEDU then recommends to the Graduate School who will officially inform you of the admission decision. This entire process usually takes 4 weeks from when the application is complete.

6. If admitted, you are then eligible to register for courses for the upcoming term.


7. Download the form for your degree and register for courses based on the recommended course sequence.

8. Once fully admitted, complete a copy of your degree's Program Plan and make an appointment during your first semester with your advisor to review and approve your program. The Program Plan is for your benefit. Once it is approved, your individual program will only be changed for your benefit. You are then expected to manage your program plan to completion. Selection of electives, changes in the planned sequence of courses, and the number of courses taken in a semester do not require a modification to the approved Program Plan or consultation with your advisor.

9. Register for available courses required in your program on the Internet using OASIS. Courses may be taken at any campus. Each department recommends a sequence but you may vary from that recommendation unless there is a prerequisite.


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