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Hillsborough County Schools

In Florida, the middle school curriculum (using Hillsborough Schools as the example) focuses on U. S. History and Geography. This does not mean that citizenship and character education are not taught in middle school. Quite the contrary and while the concept cannot be done justice in this information, the most basic premise is that through knowledge of the social studies disciplines, it is our hope that students character and understanding of their duties as citizens will be developed. We do this by focusing on BIG IDEAS.

Regular Courses

  • 6 Geography: Asia, Oceania, and Africa
  • 7 Geography: Europe and the Americas
  • 8 United States History
  • 7/8 World Cultures (Elective)

Advanced Courses

  • 7 Geography: Europe and the Americas (Advanced)
  • 8 United States History (Advanced)

Gifted Courses

  • 7 Geography: Europe and the Americas Advanced ("Honors")
  • 8 U.S. History Advanced ("Honors")



NCSS Themes



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National Geography Standards and Themes

National History Standards

Standards for Historical Thinking

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