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Global Schools Project



The Globalization of Hip Hop

Ernestine Woody,

American History, Social Science General

Grade 09 through 12


Abstract: The Globalization of Hip Hop endeavors to construct a meaningful understanding of the global hip hop effect. The globalization of hip hop lesson plan will create student-led, operable definitions of hip hop. Moreover, students will evaluate the integration of hip hop on the global stage. Students will view a PBS documentary on hip hop to gain a historical perspective and will read an excerpt on the global exporting of hip hop and its impact on the global stage. Moreover, students will view the MTV-produced documentary about the impact of hip hop on the global water crisis. Students will also read two articles on the impact of hip hop on the African continent and Japan. Lastly, students will create and present a PowerPoint presentation about global hip hop musicians.

The Globalization of Hip Hop is intended for a secondary setting, preferably high school. This lesson would be beneficial for Global Studies, World Cultures, and Contemporary American History courses. The lesson should take no longer than 9 class periods (one-hour duration).

Curriculum Standards: Culture; Individual Development and Identity; Global Connections

Geographic Focus: North America, United States

Class Periods*: 6-8

Author: Ernestine Woody

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*based on a 55-minute class period.



World War II: A Multiple Perspective Glance at the Atomic Bomb Quandary

Ernestine Woody,

American History, Geography, Political Science, Social Science General, World History

Grade 09 through 12


Abstract: Students will gain an in-depth, multi-perspective understanding of the atomic bomb attacks on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.  Through this multimedia and learning-differentiated experience, students will explore the motives and the consequences for the Nagasaki and Hiroshima attacks.

Curriculum Standards: Power, Authority and Governance; Global Connections; Civic Ideals and Practices

Geographic Focus: Global

Class Periods*: 6

Author: Ernestine Woody

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*based on a 55-minute class periods




Global Schools Project

Global Schools Lesson Plans

Department of Secondary Education

Social Studies Education


Lesson Plans

The following links provide entry to the Lesson Plans developed by the Global Schools Project Fellows. Most all of the plans can be infused into middle or high schools social studies courses to provide interdisciplinary, global education perspectives to your students.

Although categorized by the following headings, many of the lesson plans would meet multiple state or NCSS Thematic standards.




Human Rights

Politics/International Relations

Social Studies General


The lesson plans can be downloaded by going to one of the above areas and selecting the plan.





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