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Global Schools Project

Social Studies General Lesson Plans



Colombia: Dynamics of a Drug War

Rina Aybar

From Evolution to Revolution: How to Globalize Any Existing Lesson

Robert Bailey

Columbian Encounter

Barbara Cruz

World Origins of Our Class

Barbara Cruz

International Bingo

Barbara Cruz

Nations in the News

Margie Dennie

Symphonies to Santana

Joy Fauntleroy

Different Perspectives: An Introductory lesson on the importance of understanding different view points Joel Goodrick

English vs. Spanish:“ For English, Press One. Para Español, Marque Número Dos.”

Joel Goodrick

Perception of the Global Other Through Film

Chuck Leitzke

Eye of the Beholder

Chuck Leitzke

Smelling the Roses Along the Way

John Miliziano

How Now Mad Cow

John Miliziano

Eating Ourseleves to Death

John Miliziano

The War Next Door: Drug Trafficking

Kelly Miliziano

One Person Makes a Difference Melissa Mousseau

Globalization For the Better or For the Worse?

Melissa Mousseau

War Through the Eyes of Children

Melissa Mousseau

Unveiling Religion Jennifer Orjuela

Human Geography: Who Am I?

Jennifer Orjuela

Current Events Research Project

Lorena Ortiz

Eastern Religion of a Nation

Lorena Ortiz

Haiti: An Island in Name Only

Kelly Reynolds

The Globalization of Hip Hop

Ernestine Woody









Global Schools Project

Global Schools Lesson Plans

Department of Secondary Education

Social Studies Education


Lesson Plans

The following links provide entry to the Lesson Plans developed by the Global Schools Project Fellows. Most all of the plans can be infused into middle or high schools social studies courses to provide interdisciplinary, global education perspectives to your students.

Although categorized by the following headings, many of the lesson plans would meet multiple state or NCSS Thematic standards.




Human Rights

Politics/International Relations

Social Studies General


The lesson plans can be downloaded by going to one of the above areas and selecting the plan.





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