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Global Schools Project



Women: The Poorest of All

Kelly Reynolds,

Social Science General, World History, Economics,

Grade 06 through 12

Themes: poor, poverty, women |


Abstract: Students will discuss the concept of poverty and their perception of the poor. After discussing their own ideas of poverty and who is poor in America, they will read an article in which women from around the world are highlighted. The students will then begin to realize that their initial view on poverty in the United States does not even begin to compare to the conditions that the rest of the world’s poor live in. They will then brainstorm possible solutions to women’s economic disparity around the world.

Curriculum Standards: Culture; People, Places and Environment; Individual Development and Identity; Individuals, Groups and Institutions; Production, Distribution and Consumption; Global Connections

Geographic Focus: Global

Class Periods*: 1

Author: Kelly Reynolds

Related Files: Lesson Plan | Map | Download All Files As .ZIP

*based on a 55-minute class period.



Haiti: An Island in Name Only

Kelly Reynolds,

World History, American History, Civics & Government,

Grade 06 through 12


Abstract: During the late 18th century, revolutions were spreading across the world. As the Enlightenment spread new political and social ideas, citizens’ awareness of individual rights and political authority reached a new height. When the turmoil in France escalated during the French Revolution, managing colonial possessions became a great challenge. As the legitimacy of slavery was being challenged in France, a slave rebellion in Saint Domingue (Haiti) was taking form. After a long and violent struggle, Saint Domingue became the free republic of Haiti in 1804. Although the struggle for independence was over, the economic struggle was just beginning.

Curriculum Standards: Power, Authority and Governance; Global Connections

Geographic Focus: Europe, France, Caribbean, Haiti

Class Periods*: 5-6

Author: Kelly Reynolds

Related Files: Lesson Plan

*based on a 55-minute class period.



Chernobyl: The Facts

Kelly Reynolds,

World History

Grade 06 through 12

Themes: economically, mentally |


Abstract: Students will understand the events leading up to the Chernobyl nuclear accident and evaluate the effects – physically, mentally, environmentally and economically)  it has on life near the contamination zone.

Class Periods*: 1

Author: Kelly Reynolds

Related Files: Lesson Plan | Chart | Download All Files As .ZIP

Based on a 55-minute class period




Global Schools Project

Global Schools Lesson Plans

Department of Secondary Education

Social Studies Education


Lesson Plans

The following links provide entry to the Lesson Plans developed by the Global Schools Project Fellows. Most all of the plans can be infused into middle or high schools social studies courses to provide interdisciplinary, global education perspectives to your students.

Although categorized by the following headings, many of the lesson plans would meet multiple state or NCSS Thematic standards.




Human Rights

Politics/International Relations

Social Studies General


The lesson plans can be downloaded by going to one of the above areas and selecting the plan.





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