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Global Schools Project

Lesson Plans




Grade Levels


Colombia: Dynamics of a Drug War


World History

11, 12

Rina Aybar

A Global Call to End Violence Against Women




The Faces of Illegal Immigration in the United States




Crisis Negotiation in the Brazilian Rainforest



Robert Bailey

World Systems: Your Honor, Your Honor – Courts From Around the World




The Environment and Kyoto Protocol: Combating Global Warming




NARC vs. FARC: U.S. Hostages in Colombia




From Evolution to Revolution: How to Globalize Any Existing Lesson




The Global Economy: What Is It And Why Do I Care?



Christina Bratager

Global Crime and Punishment vs. Human Rights




Soldiers, Slaves and Lost Children: Investigating the Children Left Behind



Ken Carano

The United States Is Not Alone: A Look At Global Terrorism and the Global Response to September 11th



Amanda Colborne

October Missiles: The Cuban Missile Crisis



Jonathan Cook

Columbian Encounter



Barbara Cruz

World Origins of Our Class




International Women’s Suffrage




Global Interdependence




International Bingo




The Global Parking Lot




I Am A Global Consumer




International Trade




Multinational Corporations and Their Impact on World Poverty



Margie Dennie

The Economy of a Nation




Nations in the News




Evolution of Revolutions ‘Round the World’




Symphonies to Santana



Joy Fauntleroy

“The Masque of the Red Death”: The Global Responses to Crises in Africa




International Trade: Globalization or Regionalization?




“The Mountain Man and the Surgeon”: Gaining a Global Perspective on Poverty



































The Ongoing Revolution: Comparing Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez



Joel Goodrick

English vs. Spanish:“For English, Press One. Para Español, Marque Número Dos.”




Maquiladora: “All Work and No Pay”




African AIDS Epidemic




Slavery and Human Trafficking




Perception of the Global Other Through Film



Chuck Leitzke

Eye of the Beholder




Did Christopher Columbus’ “Discovery” of America Have an Overall Positive or Negative Effect on the World and History?



Katie McHargue

Globalization 101: Inquiries Into the Environmental, Cultural and Economic Issues of First-, Second- and Third-World Countries



John Miliziano

Global Cultural Issues:Pocahontas Meets John Smith




Economic Alternatives: Hybrids and Solar




Smelling the Roses Along the Way




How Now Mad Cow




Eating Ourseleves to Death




Comparing Native American Boarding Schools in the United States to Internment Camps in Australia



Kelly Miliziano

Treatment of Indigenous Populations in the United States and Australia




The War Next Door: Drug Trafficking




Empowering Women




The Universality of the U.S. Bill of Rights




Rwanda: Lessons Learned?




A Drop in the Bucket




Globalization For the Better or For the Worse?



Melissa Mousseau

War Through the Eyes of Children




Perspectives on the American Revolutionary War




Human Geography: Who Am I?



Jennifer Orjuela

Gaza City Chaos




Current Events Research Project



Lorena Ortiz

Eastern Religion of a Nation




A Comparative Look at Genocide in the 20th and 21st Centuries




Global Interdependence Port of Tampa




Communist China and its Transition to the Market Economy




A Student-Centered Approach to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights



Gary Padgett

Women: The Poorest of All



Kelly Reynolds

Haiti: An Island in Name Only




Chernobyl: The Facts




The Invisible Children of Uganda



Sanna Said

Contemporary Civil Wars



Tracy Tillota

The Globalization of Hip Hop



Ernestine Woody

















Global Schools Project

Global Schools Lesson Plans

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