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Global Schools Project

Rina Aybar



Colombia: Dynamics of a Drug War

Rina Aybar,

Economics, World History

Grade 9 through 12

Themes: Colombia, drug wars, Economics, kidnapping |

Abstract: Students will understand the complexity behind the Colombian drug trade and the effects it has had on its citizens. Students will analyze the multiple perspectives involved in the drug trade (peasant farmer, FARC, Colombian civilians and U.S. government) and propose ways in which the government can stop the drug war.

Curriculum Standards: Culture; Individual Development and Identity; Individuals, Groups and Institutions; Global Connections

Geographic Focus: South America, Colombia

Class Periods*: 4-6

Author: Rina Aybar

Related Files: Lesson Plan| Film Questions | Graphics Organizer | Colombia Drug War PPT | Download All Materials As .ZIP

Related Links: PBS – Wide Angle: Colombia An Honest Citizen | CNN – In Depth Special: Colombia War Without End | MSNBC – Colombia Seizes Video of Rebel-Held Hostages | United States DEA – 2002 Regional Distribution Patterns

*based on a 55-minute class period.




A Global Call to End Violence Against Women

Rina Aybar,

Social Science General, World History

Grade 9 through 12

Themes: awareness, gender violence, Mirabal sisters, United Nations |


Abstract: Violence against women is a growing epidemic which threatens the core basis of human rights. According to the report, Ending Violence Against Women, it is estimated that one in three women throughout the world will suffer some form of gender-based violence (Ellsberg, M., Gottemoeller, M., and Heise, L., 1999, p. 1*). The term “gender-based violence” encompasses a range of abuses against women, which include sexual harassment, battery, sexual abuse, rape, female genital mutilation, forced prostitution, trafficking in women and violence perpetrated or condoned by the state, such as rape in war (1999, p. 4). As educators, we must raise awareness amongst students of this growing problem and promote human rights for all people regardless of their gender.
* Ellsberg, M., Gottemoeller, M., and Heise, L. 1999. Ending Violence Against Women. Population Reports, Series L, No. 11. Baltimore: John Hopkins University School of Public Health, Population Information Program.

Curriculum Standards: Culture; Individuals, Groups and Institutions; Global Connections; Civic Ideals and Practices

Geographic Focus: Caribbean, Dominican Republic

Class Periods*: 2-3

Author: Rina Aybar

Related Files: Lesson Plan

Related Links: Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women | El Bohio Dominicano Las Hermanas Mirabal (photos)

*based on a 55-minute class period.



The Faces of Illegal Immigration in the United States

U.S History & Government

Grade 9 through 12

Rina Aybar

U.S History

Themes: Cubans, Dominicans, illegal immigration, immigration law, Mexican |


Abstract: This five-day lesson plan is designed to make students cognizant of the current immigration debate rocking the United States. Placing the focus on illegal immigrants from Latin America, students will explore the reasoning behind why immigrants leave their native countries (i.e. Mexicans, Cubans, Dominicans) to enter the U.S. illegally. Moreover, students will learn about past U.S. immigration laws and debate legislation currently being proposed on the Senate floor.

Curriculum Standards: Power, Authority and Governance; Global Connections; Civic Ideals and Practices

Geographic Focus: Latin America, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba

Class Periods*: 3-6

Author: Rina Aybar

Related Files: Lesson Plan | Post Evaluation | Timeline | Download All Files As .ZIP

Additional Links: PBS | News Vine | Song Lyrics – “Mojado” by Ricardo Arjona | Song Lyrics – “Nuestro Himno”

*based on a 55-minute class period.



Global Schools Project

Global Schools Lesson Plans

Department of Secondary Education

Social Studies Education


Lesson Plans

The following links provide entry to the Lesson Plans developed by the Global Schools Project Fellows. Most all of the plans can be infused into middle or high schools social studies courses to provide interdisciplinary, global education perspectives to your students.

Although categorized by the following headings, many of the lesson plans would meet multiple state or NCSS Thematic standards.




Human Rights

Politics/International Relations

Social Studies General


The lesson plans can be downloaded by going to one of the above areas and selecting the plan.





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