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Department of Secondary Education

 Student Financial Aid


Graduate students are eligible for USF Grants (direct financial aid, not loans) that, until now, had been reserved for undergraduates.  In order to qualify, you must complete a FASFA. This award may total up to $2000 per year for full time study.  Pro-rated amounts are also available for part time students.  Full time enrollment is 9 or more hours per semester; part time is 5-8 credits.


In addition, students may consider applying for the federal TEACH Grant.

Fellowships (Scholarships)

There are a number of scholarships and fellowships available for graduate study through the central Financial Aid Office.  Fellowships are awards made based on outstanding credentials (GRE, GPA, etc.) and are not loans and do not require a work assignment.  For more information about Fellowships and Scholarship available to students in the Department of Secondary Education, select the link above. 


Note: Other Scholarships are also available.

Other Scholarships


Applicants and currently enrolled doctoral students are automatically considered for research, administrative and teaching assistantships. Assistantships, unlike scholarships and fellowships, require a teaching, research or administrative assignment and therefore the doctoral student must have the credentials and prior experiences to perform the tasks.

Many of the doctoral students currently progressing through our programs have received teaching assistantships in which they have taught an elementary, middle or high school education methods or theory courses. In most cases, the doctoral student is a “participant observer” in the course he or she will teach when it is taught by one of the professors and then is mentored by the professor when the doctoral student teaches the course.

Supervision of Interns
One of the best ways for practicing teachers to pay for their course work is to supervise an intern at their school. To qualify, you can complete the internship supervision in-service training program at your school district or take the equivalent course at USF (it wouldn't count toward your doctorate). For supervising an intern you get a 6 credit hour tuition credit at USF which can be used to pay your USF tuition

USF Employment

USF has tuition waivers for its full-time employees. Some of our students work in administrative and advising positions while pursuing their degree.  You can apply to those by checking the Employment at USF for job openings.

Other Programs

There are scholarship programs, including federal loans or loan forgiveness programs, available from the Florida Department of Education, Office of Student Financial Assistance (click on "Programs Offered”). Other programs include:

Important note for non degree students

Graduate Certificate enrollment is NOT considered "Degree Seeking" for financial aid or loan deferment purposes.

Please try this link to search for available loans based on the non-degree seeking status:



updated 6/2011


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