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Master's Degree Comprehensive Exam

Comp Exam Guidelines:


For the Master’s Comprehensive Exam, you will be given approximately 7 questions.  You must choose 3 of those questions and answer them as succinctly as possible, providing examples, important research and researchers, and their findings when relevant.  You will have 3 hours to complete the exam, and generally your final product should be about 10 pages, double-spaced. 

You will be expected to know about broad subjects that were covered in your core courses such as:

  • Current Trends in FLE
  • Methods of teaching FL / ESOL
  • Sheltered Instruction
  • Assessment of  FL/ ESOL Students
  • Speaking, Listening, Reading & Writing Strategies for Language Learners
  • Bilingual Education Models
  • Practical Applications of Linguistics to FL/ESOL classrooms
  • Curriculum Development for FL/ESOL Programs

Criteria you will be graded on:

  1. Demonstrates ability to fully and accurately address each component of the question.
  2. Demonstrates ability to analyze and synthesize current knowledge as it relates to the topic.
  3. Demonstrates ability to cite seminal and current research that accurately supports the ideas presented.
  4. Demonstrates logical flow of ideas.
  5. Demonstrates use of standard written conventions.

Exam Dates:

  • Fall: October 15
  • Spring: March 15
  • Summer: June 15

Contact your advisor to express your intention of taking the exam, well before the dates listed above.

Comp. Exams are administered in the ESOL Office (EDU 266).

You must be enrolled in at least 2 credit hours in the semester that you take your Comp. Exam

You will need to come to campus in order to sit for the exam, or arrange for the exam to be administered in a proctored University setting (any expenses to be paid by you).



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