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FLE/ESOL Education Graduate Courses

Dept Prefix CRS#  Title                                                 Credit Hours

FLE 5291 – (3) Technology in the Foreign Language Classroom Pre: FLE 5313 and FLE 5331
This course is intended to prepare foreign/second language teachers to provide pedagogically sound and technologically enhanced instruction for foreign language and second language students in the K-16 realm. Basic computer literacy is recommended.

FLE 5331 Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages and ESOL in the Secondary School (3)

This course is intended to provide for the development of knowledge and skills necessary to prepare students to assume roles as foreign language (FL) and ESOL teachers at the secondary school level. It represents the second part of a sequence of methods courses. The first methods course of this sequence, Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages in the Elementary School, is a prerequisite to this course.


FLE 5946 Practicum in Foreign Language/ESOL Teaching (3)

This course is intended to prepare students for their internship by providing a structured pre-internship experience while meeting regularly in a university class. Participation in a school environment is one of the richest experiences prospective teachers can have in a methods course. Seniors will have the opportunity to see students and teachers in action and will be able to apply what they have learned in their foreign language/ESOL methods courses during this pre-internship experience.


EDX FLE 5366 ESOL Education in Content Areas (3) ED EDX
Enables participants to meet the special linguistic & cultural educational needs of limited English proficient (LEP) students in content area classes. Provides a theoretical & practical foundation for ESOL competencies in courses include ESOL infusion.


FLE 5431 – ESOL 2 Second Language and Literacy Acquisition in Children and Adolescents (3)         

This course is designed to provide students with a critical understanding of instructional delivery which caters for the linguistic and literacy needs of minority / heritage communities. The focus of this course is located within postmodernist principles of cultural capital, discursive practices and difference. Students will be required to engage with the political debates and resultant educational ramifications concerning bilingual education, dual language programs, ESOL education, as well as other issues such as power and inequalities in language education. This sociocultural-critical theoretical framework will provide students with the basis to then negotiate issues of second language learning, critical pedagogy, language varieties, multicultural communities as well as critical literacy and reading development.


FLE 5432 – ESOL 3  Language Principles, Acquisition, and Assessment for Teaching English Language Learners (3)

This course provides an overview of the components of language, linking them to methods and techniques of providing comprehensible instruction to LEP students. Designed for preservice and inservice teachers, this course supports the development of professional literacy skills geared toward appropriate pedagogical practices for the instruction of LEP learners in the United States .



FLE 6665 Current Trends in Secondary FLE (3)

Designed for experienced classroom teachers, theoretical and practical implications of recent programs and methodology. Instructional practices in the teaching of foreign languages.


FLE 6829 Graduate Instructional Methods (1-4)

Special Course to be used primarily for the training of graduate teaching assistants

FLE 6906 Independent Study in FLE (1-6)

FLE 6932 Selected Topics in Second Language Acquisition (3)

Provides a flexible format to offer specialized courses in scond language acquisition not available in the regular curriculum.

FLE 6947 Internship (6)

Provides students with extensive school-based experience

FLE 7939 Advanced Seminar in FLE (3)

Advanced readings and discussion of theories, perspectives and issue in foreign/second language acquisition from K-20, including examination of current practices, action research, accredidation, certification, teacher development and assessment in the field

FLE 7980 Dissertation

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