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College Student Affairs

  • Wilma J. Henry (Ed.D., 1980, East Texas State University (now Texas A&M), Associate Professor & Coordinator, College Student Affairs M.Ed. program. 
    Research:  Student affairs leadership, Psychosocial issues of Black women in higher education, Organizational culture & group dynamics in higher education.
  • Thomas E. Miller (Ed.D., 1979, Indiana University), Associate Professor (College Student Affairs). 
    Prediction and prevention models related to college student persistence, student expectations of college, general student affairs administration, special college student populations, and legal issues in college student affairs.
  • Danielle McDonald (M.Ed, 1996, The University of Georgia), Associate Dean for Students. 
    Women in leadership, supervision, mid-level professionals, leadership development, organization development.


Counselor Education

  • Herbert A. Exum (Ph.D., 1978, University of Minnesota ), Professor (Counselor Education Program) and Program Coordinator.
    Multicultural counseling, psychotherapy, and cognitive development; counselor education and supervision; community mental health; veterans’ affairs; psychological trauma; collaborative research partnerships and diffusion of research into practice.
  • Wendy Greenidge (Ph.D., 2007, University of Central Florida ), Assistant Professor (Counselor Education Program).
    Research: Cross-cultural issues in counseling; Increasing utilization of mental health services through culturally appropriate interventions; Mental Health in the Caribbean; Child and Adolescent Therapy; Infusing technology and expressive therapies in counselor education programs.
  • Cindy M. Topdemir (Ph.D., 2010, University of South Florida), Visiting Assistant Professor (Counselor Education Program) and Coordinator of School Counseling.
    Research: School Counselor accountability; School Counselor advocacy; adolescent girls' self-concept issues; and counselor education.
  • Caroline K. Wilde (Ph.D., 2000, Florida State University), Visiting Assistant Professor (Counselor Education Program).
    : Rehabilitation counseling; mental health; career development; professional counselor identity; counselor advocacy; and counselor licensure.
  • Carlos P. Zalaquett (Ph.D., 1993, University of Texas at Austin), Professor (Counselor Education Program) and Coordinator of Clinical/Mental Health Counseling.
    Psychotherapy and counseling techniques; multicultural counseling; characteristics of successful Latino students; mental health; counselor education; and the skills and abilities to succeed in the 21st century.


Educational Psychology

  • Darlene DeMarie (Ph.D., 1988, University of Florida), Associate Professor (Educational Psychology).  
    Research: memory development, children’s strategies for learning and the utilization deficiency period in strategy development; the relation between knowledge and memory; children’s photography as a way to show others an experience; early childhood curriculum; teacher education partnerships to enhance students’ learning.
  • Sarah Kiefer (Ph.D., 2007, University of Illinois), Associate Professor (Educational Psychology) and Program Coordinator. 
    Young adolescents’ motivation, how it develops over time, and how it relates to social and academic adjustment in elementary and middle school; the role of peers and classroom contextual factors in shaping social goals and beliefs; help-seeking beliefs and behaviors in the classroom; gender and ethnic differences in young adolescents’ development and adjustment in diverse, urban schools.
  • Lisa Lopez (Ph.D., 2001, University of Miami; NSF Postdoctoral Fellow, 2001-2004, Harvard University) Associate Professor (Educational Psychology). 
    development of bilingual language and literacy skills in English language learners;
    phonological awareness and the cross language transfer of oral language and pre-literacy skills; parent involvement in young children's education; home, family, and cultural factors influencing Latino children's academic achievement; the role of home and classroom experiences on academic achievement in Head Start.
  • Kofi Marfo (Ph.D., 1985, University of Alberta), Professor (Educational Psychology).
    early childhood development and school readiness; atypical development and early intervention; parent-child interaction and child development; children’s cognition; socio-emotional development; evaluation of educational interventions; cross-national studies of social policy on early childhood development; childhood disability in developing countries. Community of Science Profile
  • Richard Marshall (Ed.D., 1984, West Virginia University, Reading Education). (Ph.D., 1993, University of Georgia, School Psychology). Associate Professor (Educational Psychology).

    Research:  major focus is translational research aimed at explaining brain-based learning and memory; assessment and treatment of severe emotional and behavior disorders in home and school settings; school-based interventions for emotional and behavioral disorders; child and adolescent brain development; disruptive behavior disorders; childhood psychopathology.   


  • Tony X. Tan (Ed.D., 2004, Harvard University), Associate Professor (Educational Psychology).  
      adoption, specifically Chinese children's post-adoption social/emotional adjustment and language development, school-aged Chinese adoptees'
    social competence, the relationship between adopted Chinese children's pre-adoption experiences and later adjustment; Chinese adoptees' ethnic identity development;  adoptive mothers concerns about their adopted daughters; the relationship between adopted children's initial rejecting behaviors (first two weeks of adoption) towards the adoptive mothers and their long-term adjustment; childhood trauma, risk and resilience among both adopted and non-adopted children.

School Psychology

  • George M. Batsche (Ed.D., 1978, Ball State University), Professor (School Psychology Program) and Program Coordinator. 
    Research: school violence, bullying, school-based discipline programs; mental health service delivery systems in schools; problem-solving and intervention-based service delivery models; professional practices in school psychology; effectiveness of social-skills training programs in home and school settings; effectiveness of school-based programs for students with health-related disorders.
  • Kathy L. Bradley-Klug (Ph.D., 1997, Lehigh University), Associate Professor (School Psychology Program) and Associate Chair. 
      assessment and intervention strategies for children and adolescents with pediatric health issues, development of a collaborative model for improving the communication between educational personnel and health care professionals, and the application of Curriculum-Based Assessment in reading to improve academic success.
  • José M. Castillo (Ph.D., 2009, University of South Florida) Assistant Professor (School Psychology Program).
    Data-based evaluation of systems change principles, problem solving/response to intervention service delivery models, professional issues in school psychology, consultation.
  • Michael J. Curtis (Ph.D., 1974, University of Texas at Austin) Emeritus Professor (School Psychology Program).
    consultation, collaborative planning and problem solving, organizational/systems change, school-based educational and mental health services delivery systems, professional issues in school psychology.
  • Harold R. Keller (Ph.D., 1968, Florida State University), Professor (School Psychology Program) and Interim Dean of the College of Education.
    Research:  home-school collaboration and caregiver involvement; multiple assessment/intervention approaches, ecological variables, and risk and protective factors for academic and social/emotional problems; continuous progress monitoring in relation to team functioning, teacher decision making, and intervention effectiveness; collaborative research partnerships and diffusion of research into practice.
  • Julia Ogg (Ph.D., 2008, Michigan State University), Assistant Professor (School Psychology).  
    Research: school-based assessment and intervention for children with ADHD and those exhibiting externalizing behaviors; evidence-based parent interventions for externalizing behavior; academic achievement in children exhibiting externalizing behavior; early intervention and prevention for at-risk young children.
  • Linda M. Raffaele-Mendez (Ph.D., 1993, The University of Texas at Austin), Associate Professor (School Psychology). 
      home-school-community collaboration (in particular with families whose children have special needs); gender equity in schools; alternatives to suspension and expulsion; preparing parents to assume advocacy roles in child-serving systems; factors related to resiliency among children at risk for school failure.
  • Shannon Suldo (Ph.D., 2004, University of South Carolina), Associate Professor (School Psychology). 
    Research: Developmental course of life satisfaction during youth; positive indicators of children’s psychological well-being and strength-based assessment and treatment; effects of parenting behaviors on adolescent mental health; provision of school-based mental health services, including evidence-based ecological interventions for students with emotional and behavior disorders.


Social Foundations

  • Barbara J. Shircliffe (Ph.D., 1997, State University of New York at Buffalo), Associate Professor (Social Foundations of Education) and Program Coordinator.
    Research: history of education; school policy; school desegregation; school community relations; and affects of class, race, gender in structuring policy and outcomes.
  • Paula Cate (M.A., Union College,1980), Instructor; Multi-state professional certification and teaching experience.  Teacher Educator with leadership experience. 
    Instructional Communication and the development of Teacher Talent.
  • Deirdre Cobb-Roberts (Ph.D., 1998, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), Associate Professor (Social Foundations of Education). 
    Research: history of American higher education; women's educational history; post World War II student-community partnerships; and teacher education and resistance to diversity.
  • Patrick S. De Walt (Ph.D., 2009, University of Colorado at Boulder; M.B.A, 2002, University of Houston-Victoria) Instructor (Social Foundations).
    Applications of Africana Studies in K-12 and higher educational contexts; diversity issues in teacher education; and the effects of business model approaches on educational institutions, faculty/staff and students.
  • Sherman Dorn (Ph.D., 1992, University of Pennsylvania), Professor (Social Foundations), Department Chair.
      historical and social-science perspectives on high-stakes accountability; Florida education policy; 20th-century history of special education; history of dropping out as demographic phenomenon and concern; educational
    historiography; academic freedom and the war on terror.
  • Erwin V. Johanningmeier (Ph.D., University of Illinois, 1967), Emeritus Professor (Social Foundations of Education).
    Educational Research, the National Agenda, and Educational Reform-A History by Erwin V. Johanningmeier and Theresa Richardson.  Equality of Educational Opprotunity and Knowledgeable Human Capital: From the Cold War and Sputnik to The Global Economy and No Child left Behind by Erwin V. Johanningmeier. Have co-edited books on educational issues from an international perspective with colleagues from Poland, Russia, Belgium and Portugal.
  • Bradley Rowe (Ph.D., 2012, Ohio State University), Visiting Assistant Professor, Social Foundations of Education. Research: philosophy of education; ecological education; food justice; philosophies of educational inquiry; and literature and philosophy of education.


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  • School Psychology
    Academic Program Specialist, 974-4614

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