Grade Point Average Computation
Master of Arts in Physical Education
Course TitleCr. HoursLetter GradeGrade Points
EDF 6432 Foundations of Measurement
EDF 6481 Foundations of Educational Research
PET 6419 Clinical Supervision in Physical Education
PET 6443 Instructional Design and Content: Games
PET 6444 Instructional Design and Content: Dance and Gymnastics
PET 6516 Learner Assessment in School Based Physical Education
PET 6706 Analysis of Research in Physical Education
PET 6716 Analysis of Teaching
PET 6216 Sport Psychology
PET 6496 Grant Writing in Physical Education
PET 6447 Adapted Physical Education
PET 6496 Sport in Society: Contemporary Issues
PET 6447 Reflective Teaching in Physical Education
Total Credit HoursTotal Pts