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Master of Arts in Physical Education -

Course Descriptions

PET 6419 Clinical Supervision in Physical Education

 This course is designed to provide the specialized knowledge and skills necessary for effective supervision of interns in physical education and the development of others. Major components of the course include clinical observation skills, use of systematic feedback, communication skills, and current trends and practices in the field of supervision and professional development.  Syllabus


PET 6706 Analysis of Research in Physical Education                   This course is designed to help teachers in the field better understand the process of conducting classroom research through practitioner inquiry.  Students will study the research products of 69 different scholars, all of whom have used their inquiry skills to achieve a better understanding of physical education.  The readings illustrate how ideas found in research can be helpful to physical education teachers in improving learning in the physical education classroom.   The course provides a set of guidelines for reading research and demonstrates the value of classroom inquiry and sharing perspectives based on reading and studying original research reports in physical education.  In addition, students will create a plan of action, outlining questions and methods to answer questions dealing with physical education classrooms.  Syllabus


PET 6443 Instructional Design and Content: Games

 The purpose of this course is to help students plan and implement effective game content and instruction in K-12 physical education programs based on current research and best practice. Syllabus


PET 6444 Instructional Design and Content: Dance and Gymnastics

 The purpose of this course is to help students enhance school based dance and gymnastic programs through planning and implementing effective dance and gymnastics curriculums in K-12 physical education programs based on current research and best practice. Syllabus


PET 6716 Analysis of Teaching in Physical Education

The purpose of this course is advanced study of teaching behaviors in physical activity settings. It includes a review of current sport pedagogy research and involves the use of observation systems and other data collection strategies related to the analysis of instructional effectiveness. Students complete individual projects to develop analytical skills related to the process of evaluating their own teaching. Syllabus


PET 6516 Learner Assessment in School Based Physical Education

 This course is designed specifically for teachers who are employed in schools to assist them in assessing student learning in pre/K-12 physical activity settings and to conduct program evaluation.  The course content will include a study of developmentally appropriate assessment strategies and is designed to assist teachers to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct both process and product evaluation.  Syllabus


Elective Courses


PET 6447 Reflective Teaching in Physical Education

 The purpose of this course is to provide a prerequisite foundation in physical Education to master level students entering the School of Physical Education & Exercise Science online master’s degree program who have little experience or background in teaching physical education.  Although an instructor is assigned to monitor student progress in the course, the course is self-paced and individualized.  Students do background readings and then take quizzes on material. All graded material must be passed at an 80% success rate. Syllabus


PET 6447 Grant Writing in Physical Education

 This course will provide the foundation to enable the physical educator to create a grant project, find appropriate funding sources, write a competitive grant proposal and manage a successful program grant to completion. Syllabus


PET 6216 Sport Psychology

 This course is designed to provide students with an              understanding of the theoretical structure that underlies psychology as it has been applied to sport. There will be a particular emphasis on the psychological concerns that confront coaches, physical educators, organizations, athletes, and teams. Syllabus



PET 6256 Sport in Society: Contemporary Issues

 This course is a study of organized sport in contemporary society. By increasing understanding of many of the issues and controversies based in the structure of sport, individuals will be able to understand the complex nature of this social institution. Issues such as race, social class, gender, politics, religion, economics, media, physical disabilities, sexual orientation, and ethics as they relate to sports will be studied. Syllabus


PRT 6447 Adapted Physical Education

 This online course is designed to prepare physical education teachers to provide safe, appropriate, and individualized accommodations to children with disabilities who are included in general physical education programs. All information presented is based on scientifically-proven practices in adapted physical education that have been successfully implemented in physical education programs in the United States. This web-based program includes lecture notes, supplemental readings, and video clips. Syllabus



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