College of Education


Our Commitment

Childhood Education and Literacy Studies is dedicated to understanding and enhancing educational opportunities for all learners. Through an inquiry-based social context, we seek to position our graduates as leaders in education and as advocates for children, youth, families, and educators. Childhood Education and Literacy Studies is dedicated to research-based pedagogy and the lifelong development of professionals enrolled in our academic programs of Literacy Studies, Early Childhood, and Elementary Education. We engage in service that is based on academic excellence, scholarship and community-based initiatives, social justice commitments, and a strong ethic of community responsibility in areas related to education. Our partnerships provide a context for the simultaneous renewal and engaged scholarship of our research, teaching, and service.

USF Clinical Education

If you have taught for at least three years in Florida and are interested in taking a state approved online Clinical Education training course, please click on the clinicial education link above and email the interest form to Michele Sebti at or fax to (813) 974-0938.