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Adult, Career and Higher Education


Doctoral Retreat 2005 workshops included:

  • Program Overview for Prospective Doctoral Students
  • First Steps to Success for Doctoral Students                   

          Link to Dr. Jan Ignash's Power Point Presentation

          Challenges are numerous for the beginning doctoral student.           This session will provide an outline of procedures to insure           you are headed in the right direction. Topics will include

          your Program of Study timeline, including sequencing of

          courses; choosing and implementing your cognate; the

          Foundations and Research courses recommended for your

          program; exploring the differences between the Ed.D. and

          the Ph.D.; and curricular advice to help customize your path.

  • Preparing for Qualifying  Exam    

            How much more pain and agony can the faculty create               for you?  You have only scratched the surface so far!!!  At            this session we will tell you about one of our favorite                       instruments of torture.  Come to this session and let us put            your stomach into knots! 

           But seriously, you might learn something at this session

           that will help you prepare for your qualifying exam!

  •  Formulating a Dissertation Topic

            This interactive session will help participants

            explore one mission, two misconceptions, three

            mistakes, and four maxims commonly associated

            with "Formulating a Dissertation Topic."

  •  Research

            When you are ready to conduct your study

            Link to IRB Forms and Informed Consent Templates


  • Is Quantitative"Better” than Qualitative Research for Dissertation Work?

           Link to Dr. Hernandez's Power Point Presentation


           Case Study  Correlational  Ethology in Ed. Research                   Experimental Research  Grounded Theory Ex-Post Facto                      Descriptive Survey Research  Phenomenology Research

           As you navigate the initial stages of your dissertation

           work you are bound to encounter the dilemma of choosing

           a research approach. Traditionally, quantitative research

           has been the method of choice to collect “hard” data and

           many doctoral students follow that route by default. In

           contrast, qualitative research approaches have been

           portrayed as means to collect “soft” data and some

           doctoral  students think such methods would represent an

           easier ride for dissertation work. Is quantitative really

           “better” than qualitative research for dissertation work? In

           this session, we will identify useful criteria to help you sort

           out what approach may be better for your dissertation work,

           we will briefly describe major types of research designs

           usually associated with quantitative and qualitative research,

           and will discuss the implications for your readiness to tackle

           either option.

  • Conquering the Dissertation Process

    Congratulations!  You’ve passed quals and have an idea of what you’d like to do your dissertation on!  Now what?  This session will discuss how to complete that dissertation!  Topics will include the “flow” of chapters in your dissertation, dealing with writer’s block, time management issues, working with your major professor and your committee members, common roadblocks and logistical considerations concerning data gathering and data analysis.

  • Academic Leadership

           We are pleased to have as one of our presenters the new             President of:

          Pasco-Hernando Community College
          The District Board of Trustees selected Dr. Katherine M.              Johnson as PHCC's new President at a special meeting on             Tuesday, October 26. Dr. Johnson is scheduled to take office             in February 2005.


          Click on the link below to view the PDF file that contains the               Curricula Vitae of Dr. Johnson and her answers to the 15               part applicant questionnaire:

          Dr. Katherine Johnson, President, Nash Community College,             North Carolina


  • Life after Graduation: Multiple Paths        

           This informal session provides a forum for participants to

           share ideas and questions about moving forward after

           their degree is completed.  Anticipated  topics include:

           Applying for teaching and other positions,what search

           committees look for and launching a consulting career.






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