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Undergraduate Program Committee (UPC)

Sophia Han



Paula Cate


The UPC will act for the faculty in matters related to undergraduate education and advise the FPC, Dean, and Dean’s designees on policy matters, and initiate a review and propose recommendations to policies related to undergraduate education. The UPC will provide oversight of the quality of undergraduate courses and program offerings. Specific duties include consideration of new courses, substantial course changes, new programs, and program changes. The UPC makes recommendations to the Faculty Policy Council regardingthe undergraduate curriculum, including the creation, modification, or elimination ofcourses and programs consistent with the approved procedures for curriculum proposalreview.

Proposal Submission Deadline Dates

The UPC will receive course/program/certificate submissions anytime throughout the year but submissions received after March 1 may not be reviewed in the current academic year.
There are no reviews between April and August as the UPC does not meet in the summer months.


Undergraduate Catalog Deadline

Proposals must be reviewed and approved by the UPC by the UPC meeting in November to make it in time for the last University Undergraduate Council meeting in  January

Schedule of UUGC Meetings

(in order for changes to be in effect the next fall semester/Academic Year)


Each Department offering undergraduate programs will select three representatives, with two-year staggered terms, to serve on the committee. Faculty from departments that are not involved in delivering undergraduate education may consider less than three representatives in order to dedicate time and energy to curriculum development and oversight at the graduate level. No member shall serve more than two consecutive terms. In addition, a member of the Faculty Policy Council should serve as a member of the UPC. During its first meeting of the fall semester, the Undergraduate Programs Committee will select a chair and a vice-chair to lead the Committee if the chair is absent. Membership provides for shared representation among faculty from departments with responsibilities for undergraduate education, including offering degree programs, courses in core curriculum, USF’s general education program, and courses required for admission to undergraduate teacher preparation programs. When possible, UPC members will also serve as representatives of the General Education Council and other appropriate university committees. College representatives for University Undergraduate Council and General Education Council who are not members of the UPC will serve as non-voting ex officio


Revised:08/15/16 at 6:30 p.m.


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