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Contact us:
   Ph: (813) 974-5142

   Fax: (813) 974-0792


   Physical location
   11811 Bull Run Drive
   Tampa, Florida 33617

   Mailing address

   4202 E. Fowler Ave.

   ERC 101

   Tampa, FL 33620

   Operating hours

   M-F 7:30am-6:00pm




Welcome to the USF Preschool for Creative Learning

The Preschool for Creative Learning (PCL) is the Educational Research Center for Child

Development at the USF College of Education. As a laboratory school, the PCL brings

USF faculty, graduate students, classroom teachers, and pre-service teachers together

with children and families to create innovative early childhood education programs by

engaging in collaborative research. The PCL takes an inquiry approach to teaching and

learning. This means that teachers and children attend to posing questions for research,

and pursue answers to their questions by investigating the world around them. Engaging

in inquiry involves applying knowledge and skills across subject matter areas. It is a

literacy-rich process that involves communicating learning in a variety of ways (e.g.,

speaking, writing, drawing, graphics, painting, pretend play, 3-dimensional construction, music/movement, digital photography). Inquiry is a holistic approach that fosters

cognitive, social/emotional, and physical development.



At the PCL:

  • We respect young children’s intellect. We value listening to children, and building
  • upon/extending their ideas to challenge their thinking.  
  • We believe relationships are important avenues for learning. We intentionally
  • create opportunities for extended interactions with and among children, and
  • facilitate exchanges of diverse viewpoints.  
  • We understand that learning occurs through making connections: between past
  • experiences and new experiences, between prior knowledge and new ideas, and
  • between and across subject matter areas. 
  • We believe all learners benefit from opportunities to engage in in-depth investigations
  • that help them look more closely, revisit, and revise understandings.  
  • We value children’s diverse communicative and representative competencies. We
  • recognize that children are adept in multiple symbolic forms and processes (e.g.,
  • drawing, writing, music, movement, painting, construction, graphics, stories, and
  • pretend play) and build upon these capacities to enhance early literacy learning.  
  • We are dedicated to addressing Early Learning Standards in deeply meaningful
  • ways. We take a balanced instructional approach that includes both providing
  • systematic, explicit instruction and creating rich contexts for application of knowledge
  • and skills within complex play scenarios and in-depth project investigations.




  Four Star Rating from Quality Counts for Kids Hillsborough Countys

                   USF Preschool for Creative Learning


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