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Autumn Theme

Pumpkins, Leaves, Vegetables, and Apples


We cooked with pumpkins.


First we opened a pumpkin and scooped out the seeds. We counted about 315 seeds in our pumpkin. To make counting easier we organized this large amount in groups of ten. Counting by tens was much quicker than counting one at a time.

Then we let the seeds soak overnight and cooked them the next day with salt so we could sample them.



Mrs. Stephanie helped us bake a pumpkin pie. We used measuring cups, measuring spoons and a recipe. We took turns adding ingredients and mixing. Each step had a numbered cup with the appropriate ingredients. And each ingredient had its own recipe card with a photo picture for better understanding.


In order to make pumpkin sauce first we had to pull off all the stringy bits from the pumpkin. Then we scraped it clean and our Mrs. Shpresa cut the rind into smaller pieces.

Everything was put in a large pot to boil in water for a while.

When the pumpkin was soft we used plastic knives to scrape the dark orange skin off the pulpy part of the pumpkin. And we mashed it with forks.

Then we mixed it with cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar.

Finally it was put into a blender with vanilla soy milk and a banana and served at snack time.


We also baked pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies and pumpkin soup.








College of Education at University of South Florida, Patel Charter School