Questioning Techniques

·Point to…
·Find the… 

·Put the _____ next to the _____. 

·Do you have the _____ ? 

·Is this a/an _______? 

·Who wants the ______? 

·Who has the ______?

Early Production
·Yes/No questions (Is the “trouble” light on?)
·Either/Or questions (Is this a screwdriver or a hammer?) 

·One-word response (What utensil am I holding in my hand?) 

·General questions that encourage lists of words (What do you see on the tool board?) 

·Two-word responses (Where did he go?“To work.”)

Speech Emergence

·How is this like that? 

·Tell me about… 

·Talk about … 


·How would you change this part?

Intermediate Fluency
·What would you recommend/suggest?
·How do you think the story will end? 

·What is the story mainly about? 

·What is your opinion (on this matter)? 

·Describe/compare … 

·How are these similar or different? 

·What would happen if…? 

·Which do you prefer?Why?