Finding Lesson Plans On Line


* You can conduct your own search by going to any educational search engine like:

Yahoo Search

Dogpile Search

Google Search

Northern Light Search

*  OR:   Here are some sites that you can use:

Resources for Lesson Plan Ideas

The GatewaySM Collections List

PBS TeacherSource
A large collection of lesson plans, teacher guides, and online student activities correlated to 90 sets of state and national curriculum standards.

Discovery Channel School

Best of Education World® 2001

Education World® - Lesson Planning Center

Education World® - National Standards


This guide was written by Manal El-Tigi, Ph.D., Department of Instructional Design, Development, and Evaluation - Syracuse University.  She was one of the principal editors and reviewers of the AskERIC Lesson Plan Collection from 1996 - 2000.