FLE 4315 Teaching Limited Proficient Students K-12
Instructor:  Phil Smith

Modify a K-12 Lesson Plan - Tutorial


Step 1

Select a Lesson Plan

Step 2

Modify the Lesson Plan

Step 3

Modify the Follow-up/ Assessment


Step 1 -  Selecting a Lesson Plan


Step 2 -  Modify the Lesson Plan

Grade:  (What grade(s)  is this lesson for?)

Lesson Topic:  (What is the subject of the lesson?  What will be taught?)

Materials:  (What materials are needed in order to teach the lesson?)
-Additional Materials: Since your LEP students may be unable to perform the same type and/or level of tasks as the other members of the class, you will need to indicate what additional materials you will need to enhance your instruction for them.

1.  Modify the Objectives:

Content Objective (s):   (These objectives can be behavioral or cognitive)
First, your content objective should be appropriate for ALL students in your class. All students should cognitively be able to learn the material you are teaching regardless of their language limitations.

Linguistic Objective(s) and Vocabulary:  (What language function or grammatical structure can be taught/ reviewed with this lesson? or What words may be a problem for the ESOL student?)
Next, you will look for opportunities to add linguistic objectives to your lesson.  What language skills do you hope students at each of the 4 stages of proficiency can meet? You need to set the language objectives one level above for your English Language Learners: for example, for the Pre-production level students, you will write the objectives at the Early production level, as you want them to move to the next level, and so on…

You may find ideas for a language objective for your lesson by looking at:  Florida Language Arts Through ESOL

Cultural Objective (s): These objectives are the culturally-related goals achievable in the lesson.  This is an opportunity to make a link between all students’ home culture and the school. These are teachable moments when school culture is taught, or connections are made to all students’ home cultures.

2. Identify the Florida Sunshine State Standards:

Florida Sunshine State Standards:  (What Sunshine State Standards are being met by this lesson plan?)


3. Describe Procedures in detail, including ESOL modifications

1.  Introduction:  (What do you do to motivate and immediately involve the students?)

2.  Presentation:  (What are the activities and sequence of events for the lesson?)

Are you unsure of how to do this?


Step 3 - Modify the Follow-up and Assessment/Evaluation:

Since your LEP students may not be able to perform the same type and/or level of tasks as the other members of the class, you will need to indicate how you will Assess/Evaluate their understanding/comprehension of the subject matter, as well as the English and cultural tasks that you have set before them.  Students at each of the 4 stages of proficiency often do well with alternative types of assessment.

Follow-up: (What HomeFUN assignment would be appropriate to reinforce the objectives of this lesson?)

Evaluation: (What will you do to be certain that your ESOL student understands the lesson and has mastered the objectives?)   The Objectives and Assessment should be relevant to the Activity


See the RUBRIC for evaluating your lesson plan