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Graduate Forms Warehouse (for linkage purposes only)

College of Education Forms

  1. College of Education Signature/Cover Page
  2. MAT Graduate Syllabus
  3. General Graduate Syllabus 

Graduate Council Curriculum Forms

  2. Graduate Curriculum Approval Form - Changes to Degree Program
  3. Graduate Curriculum Program Change Form
  4. Graduate Curriculum Concentration New or Change Program Form
  5. Graduate Curriculum Dual Program Form (New)
  6. Graduate Curriculum Accelerated Program Form
  7. New Curricular Questions 2017

Graduate Certificate Forms

  1. Graduate New Certificate Proposal Form
  2. Graduate Certificate Change/Revision/Termination Form

USF Forms/Policies

  1. Initial Concept Proposal Form (2017)
    Concept Proposal Signature Form (2017)
  3. USF Degree Termination Program Forms. (May 2012)
  4. Inactive Program Notification Form
  5. Program Reactivation Form
  6. Limited Access Request Form
  7. Curricular Template - Questions to consider

  8. Accelerated Program Development Form(2013)



  1. Common Reasons Course Proposals are Rejected/held up by the Graduate Council
  2. Online Graduate Submission Key for New Courses.
  3. Online Graduate Submission Key for Course Revisions.
  4. Pyramid of Progress - Process for developing and gaining approval for a new course by Dr. Phyllis Jones.
  5. State Course Numbering System
  6. The Graduate Council/Curriculum Committee meets every month, once a month with the exception of the month of July. There are NO meetings in July or August.
  7. Checklist for new programs.  Created by the Graduate School. 
  8. IPEDS CIP Code Directory
  9. Florida Accomplished Practices (FEAPS), Revised (2010)
  10. College of Education Graduate Degree Listing
  11. Form for course development:
    1. (old PDF GPC Forms)  NEW COURSE
  12. Sample CAEP Assessment Plan for Doctoral Programs(created by Howard Johnston)
  13. What is Concurrence and when do I need it?
  14. Definitions/Examples of Course Objectives & Student Learning Outcomes (Course Objectives) (Student Learning Outcomes)
  15. EDU Course Process Overview 
  16. EDU Committee Meeting Schedule

Revised: September 28, 2016 10:55 a.m.


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