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Graduate Certificate:  Elementary Science (New-Panama)

Faculty Sponsor: Jenifer Davis

Link to proposal: 2016GRADCERTELESCIENCE

With Concurrence(s): YES, attached from St. Petersburg

Date submitted to Faculty Policy Council Office: 09/08/2016

Date Assigned for Review: 09/08/2016

Review Team: Campbell/Agosto


Reviewer Guide:

New/Revised Certificate Review Form


Date signed by the GPC:

Date signed by Faculty Policy Council:

Date signed by COE Associate Dean:

Date sent to Graduate Council:

Date Graduate Council Approved:

Copy of Signed/Approved Propsoal:


Other Comments:

New Graduate certificate



















a.  the original submitted proposal in PDF format

b.  the date received by the Faculty Council Office

c.   the names of the reviewers assigned to the proposal

d.  the date it was sent for review

e.  the date the reviewers sent feedback to the faculty     


f.   the date the faculty sponsor responded to the feedback

g.  the date the proposal was approved by the GPC

h.   the date the proposal was approved by the  Faculty Council

i.  the date approved by the appropriate COE Associate Dean

j.  the approved proposal

k.   the date the approved proposal was sent to the Graduate      Council

l. the date approved by the Graduate Council

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