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Graduate Accelerated Program: BS/MAT INS Biology/Secondary Science

Faculty Sponsor:  Benjamin Herman

With Concurrence(s): yes

Date submitted to Faculty Council Office: 10/30/14


These are exisiting programs with all existing courses with new paths from one degree to the other. The BS Degrees are in Arts and Sciences and the MAT is in the College of Education. Last year 2013/2014 the Chemistry Accelerated Programs were approved and this year Dr. Ben Herman is doing the same with the Biology Programs.

Accelerated Programs - Informational Items Only

BS/MAT Biology (Environmental Biology)

BS/MAT Biology (Integrative Animal Biology)

BS/MAT Biology (Environmental Microbiology)

BS/MAT Biology (Marine Biology)

BS/MAT Physics/Secondary Science


Date signed by the GPC: 11/14/14

Date signed by Faculty Council: 11/21/14

Date signed by COE Associate Dean: 11/21/14

Date sent to Undergraduate Council: 11/25/14

Date Undergraduate Council Approved:

Date Graduate Council Approved: 


Other Comments:

Informational item only








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