College of Education

Instructional Technology

Join ITSA!

Students, Faculty & Alumni involved in the IT program are encouraged to join ITSA.

To Join ITSA on BullSync:

  1. Go to: ITSA
  2. Sign in with your Campus ID
  3. Join the group

Also join the ITSA Listserv to send and receive emails to all members.

Membership Eligibility

As defined by our constitution, "100% of the active membership of ITSA must be USF students. Associate membership may be granted to non-students under special circumstances. The associate member shall not be given the rights and privileges of active USF students."

This means that any student at USF who would like to become a member of ITSA is welcome to join. Alumni who are interested in being active with the ITSA organization here at USF will need to be associate members and will not be allowed to vote or use funds supplied by student government.

Member Responsibilities

As members of ITSA, your input, contribution and participation are greatly needed. Although most of the ‘organizational’ responsibility for ITSA falls on the officers, the association would not be funded, and would not be able to function, without your active participation. As members, you are responsible for participating in the functions and committees organized for the benefit of ITSA members.

Certfications and Areas of Emphasis

Instructional Design
Virtual/Online Educator
eLearning Design+Dev't
Distance Learning
Web Design