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ITSA Constitution


The name of this group shall be the Instructional Technology Student Association.

The purpose of the Instructional Technology Student Association Graduate Student Organization shall be to:
A. Serve as the official representative body of the instructional technology graduate students
B. Provide a forum for discussion of issues relevant to instructional technology graduate students
C. Represent instructional technology graduate student interests before USF faculty, the Administration, and the Graduate and Professional Student Organization
D. Organize, promote, and conduct activities beneficial to graduate student life
E. Disseminate information of interest to instructional technology graduate students
F. Recommend instructional technology graduate students for appointment to faculty and university committees

A. Requirements for Membership:
100% of active membership must be USF students. Associate membership may be granted to non-USF students under special circumstances; these associate members shall not be given the rights and privileges of active USF students.
B. Length of term for membership.
There is no limit to the term of membership as long as members are registered USF students. C. Requirements for continued membership.
There are no further requirements for membership.
D. Specifications for removal of members from the group.
There are no specifications for removal of members.
E. Voting rights
Officers and committee chairs have the right to vote. Non-USF students do not have voting rights.

There are no dues for membership.

A quorum is defined as three of the four officers present and must include the President.


PRESIDENT: The President’s duties shall be to preside over meetings, appoint and oversee organizational functions, and to act as the primary University/Faculty liaison. The President is responsible for updating the registration of the organization with the Office os Student Activities during the Summer in prepartion for the upcoming school year. This needs to be completed so that when the budget is submitted for review in January the organization is already in the computer with all of the most current contact information for the organization.

VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President shall assist the President with his/her duties, and preside over the organization in the President’s absence.

SECRETARY: The Secretary shall record, keep, and make available copies of the meeting minutes, and dispatch correspondence as directed by the President.

TREASURER: The Treasurer shall receive, dispatch, and keep accurate records of all financial matters regarding the organization, and submit the organization’s annual budget to the Financial Review for A&S allocation from Student Government.

WEBMASTER/PR OFFICER: The Webmaster/PR Officer shall maintain ITSA's website and listserve as well as create and maintain ties between ITSA and the instructional technology community in and outside USF.

Each of the officers is elected by officers and committee chairs. Each of their terms is one year. Officers are eligible to serve for more than one term, if elected.

Officers may be elected or appointed. Officer terms begin 1 July and end 30 June of the following year.

An officer shall be removed if the officer fails to attend more than 3 organizational meetings without communicating in advance, except in the case of an emergency. In the event the President resigns or is unable to perform the powers and duties of the office, the Vice President shall become the President. In the event the office of Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary becomes vacant for any reason, the President shall nominate and, with the advice and consent of the organization, appoint a new Vice President, Treasurer, or Secretary.

The organization shall meet monthly throughout the year. A special meeting may be called by the President if seven (7) days public notice is given.

Meetings will be conducted using Robert’s Rules of Order.

Amendments to this Constitution shall be enacted according to the following procedure:
Seven days public notice shall be provided to the organization’s membership to announce a meeting that will include a vote on a proposed amendment to the Constitution. An amendment to the Constitution shall require a 2/3 majority of all eligible voting attendees at the meeting.

This organization prohibits its members, both individually and collectively from committing any acts of hazing as defined herein:
“ Hazing,” means any action or situation, which recklessly or intentionally endangers the mental or physical health or safety of a student for the purpose of initiation or admission into or affiliation with this organization. Such term shall include, but not be limited to, any brutality of a physical nature, such as whipping, beating, branding, forced calisthenics, exposure to the elements, forced consumption of food, liquor, drug, or other forced activity which adversely affects the mental health or dignity of the individual to extreme mental stress, such as sleep deprivation, forced exclusion from social contact, forced conduct which could result in extreme embarrassment, or any other forced activity which could adversely affect the mental or physical health, the safety or dignity of the individual. For the purpose of this section, any activity as described above upon which the initiation or admission into or affiliation with this organization is directly or indirectly conditioned shall be presumed to be a “forced activity,” the willingness of an individual to participate in such activity notwithstanding.

Organization agrees to abide by Florida State Statute #240.262 regarding hazing. Furthermore, agrees to abide by all Student Activities policies as outlined in the student handbook, to check the organization’s mailbox regularly, to communicate via email upon request, and to update the organization’s records (Officer Listings Form) whenever there is a change.

Certfications and Areas of Emphasis

Instructional Design
Virtual/Online Educator
eLearning Design+Dev't
Distance Learning
Web Design