Competencies and Skills for Instructional Designers
by Analysis & Technology, Inc.

(Electronically reprinted by permission of: Analysis & Technology, Inc. Copyright 1995.)

1. Perform a needs assessment/analysis

2. Plan and monitor training projects

3. Assess the relevant characteristics of the target audience

4. Assess the relevant characteristics of the setting

5. Perform job, task, and/or content analysis

6. Write criterion-referenced, performance-based objectives

7. Select instructional media

8. Recommend instructional strategies

9. Develop performance measurement instruments

10. Develop training program materials

11. Prepare end-users for implementation of courseware materials

12. Evaluate instruction, program, and process

13. Demonstrate an ability to grasp technical content

14. Communicate effectively by visual, oral, and written form with individuals, small group, and in front of large audiences

15. Interact effectively with other people

16. Demonstrate good work habits