Florida Journal for Educational Research  

Editorial Staff

Jeffrey D. Kromrey, University of South Florida
Melinda R. Hess, University of South Florida

The new editorial team for the Florida Journal of Educational Research is pleased to present the online version of the journal. At the very least, FJER online can establish an easily accessible, permanent archive of each issue of the journal, but online publication can mean much more than that. One of the problems that has plagued educational researchers for decades has been the inability of print journals to convey complete information about the studies published. Many a research replicator or synthesizer has been stymied by the difficulty encountered in trying to secure copies of instruments or determining the detailed information required to compute effect sizes. This no longer need be the case. Online ‘space’ limitations are much more flexible than print space limitations. Comprehensive literature reviews that had to be trimmed to two or three paragraphs for print publication, detailed figures, large tables, appendices containing complete copies of instruments – all can easily be placed online to supplement an FJER article.

Furthermore, online publications can become dynamic publications. The document formatting protocols of the Web allow for features that cannot be accomplished with static paper format. Color, dynamic visuals, audio, hyperlinks, interactive programs, virtual objects -- all forms of multimedia are fast becoming part of the language of educational scholarship. The editors of FJER encourage the submission of documents that make use of these innovative elements.