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Culture can be expressed through clothing, currency, music, language, etc. Several activities and games are provided to test your knowledge about the culture of different regions of the world. Links to other parts of the website are provided at the bottom of each activity page.

Game Title Game Type Content Level
 USA Puzzle  Jigsaw puzzle  USA map Easy
 Caribbean Puzzle  Jigsaw puzzle  Caribbean map Easy
 St. Thomas Puzzle  Jigsaw puzzle  St. Thomas doll Easy
 Animal Kingdom  Racing game  Animal habitats Easy
 European Capitals  Unscramble letters  European countries Easy
 Photographic Match  Drag & drop   Photos of dolls Easy

Country Clothing

Matching game

 Traditional clothes Easy
 World Religions  Matching game  Common beliefs Easy
 King Henry  Multiple choice  Henry's wives Easy
 World Puzzle  Jigsaw puzzle  World map Medium
 Country Currency  Matching game  Money Medium
 Continental Clues  "Millionaire" game  Continents Medium
 A Friendly Hello  Concentration game  Languages Medium
 About Canada  Concentration game  Canadian facts Medium
 Christmas in Italy  Concentration game  Italian terms Medium

Famous People

Racing game

 Famous people Medium
 Famous Foods  Crossword puzzle  Cultural dishes Medium



 Languages Medium
 National Animals  Tic-Tac-Toe  Animals Medium
 Cultural Crafts  Tic-Tac-Toe  Native materials Medium
 Dances of the World  Fling the Teacher  Cultural dances Advanced
 Name that Instrument  Fling the Teacher  Cultural music Advanced
 Naming Neighbors  Tic-Tac-Toe  Geography Advanced
 Mayan Civilization  Tic-Tac-Toe  Mayan culture Advanced
 Dig that Latin Beat  Tic-Tac-Toe  Musical instruments Advanced

Millionaire Money

"Millionaire" game

 Currency Advanced

Caribbean Chance

Board game

 Caribbean islands Advanced
 Phrases of Fortune  "Wheel of Fortune"  Famous phrases Advanced
 Middle East  "Wheel of Fortune"  "Long" names Advanced
 World on a Plate  "Battleship" game  International food Advanced
 US vs. Australia  "Battleship" game  English dialects Advanced
 Save the Planet  "Battleship" game  Facts about space Advanced
 Scottish Culture  "Battleship" game  Scottish terms Advanced
 Country Guess  Guessing game  Countries Advanced

The following games were created at They require the Authorware plug-in. If you do not have this plug-in, you will be linked to the download page.

Game Title Game Type Content Level
 National Anthems  Multiple choice  Country songs Easy
 African Nations  Word shapes  African nations Easy
 Find the Countries  Word search  Country names Easy
 Native American  Word search  Indian words Easy
 South America  Crossword puzzle  Country capitals Medium
 Soviet Split  Word search  Country names Medium
 Famous Rivers  Word search  World rivers Advanced
 European Capitals  Crossword puzzle  Capital cities Advanced
 Building Bridges  Painting with colors  Famous bridges Advanced
 Tribal Origins  Painting with colors  American Indians Advanced

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