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Program Information

The Cambridge Schools Experience (CSE) serves two functions for students.  The CSE may serve as an internship experience for undergraduate or MAT students or the CSE may serve as a research/teacher education opportunity for graduate students.

Internship Experience

Education Experience

As an internship experience, the CSE provides students with the opportunity to develop instructional strategies that are focused on differentiating instruction, integrating content areas, incorporating hands on and interactive techniques, and integrating technology.

USF faculty tutors (British version of Professor) work in conjunction with the Cambridgeshire County Schools Coordinator to place each student with a host (cooperating) teacher in an Infant (early childhood) or Primary (elementary) school over a four-week period. 

Typically, students are placed in schools in pairs. In certain schools, students may be placed with job-share teachers.  In this case, students may work with one cooperating teacher on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and work with another teacher on Thursday and Friday.

During the internship experience, students follow the schedule of the cooperating teachers.  Students are expected to develop and teach lessons, attend faculty meetings, and work with the cooperating teacher(s) before and after school.  Typical school hours are 8:30am-3:00pm. The typical workday is 7:30am-4:00pm. Students also attend USF seminars. These are held in the evening or on weekends at the Bed and Breakfast.



As a research or teacher education experience, the CSE provides graduate students with the opportunity to engage in advanced study of their field within a context of international education and global outreach. Cambridgeshire Schools offer unique opportunities for graduate students to observe and examine a system of schools in which teachers are engaged in continuous professional development and all teachers are practicing differentiated instruction. The Cambridgeshire Schools also offer an opportunity to see interactive teaching and the integration of technology through Interactive White Boards. In addition, all teachers are responsible for teaching all subjects (including P.E) yet they also receive daily tea time (breaks) and daily/weekly opportunities for extensive planning and professional development.

Graduate students will develop a research proposal or a program of study for the experience. These proposals must be approved by the program coordinator or major professor. Graduate students will be hosted by one school, but the itinerary will include visits to other schools along with opportunities to interact with school and district administrators.


Faculty Supervision

Two faculty members from the Department of Childhood Education and Literacy Studies supervise the CSE.  These faculty tutors are responsible for the academic content of the CSE as well as some of the logistical requirements of study abroad.

The primary responsibility of the faculty is to serve as academic specialists within an international learning experience. Faculty monitor student progress during the school internship experience or the research/teacher education experience.  Faculty observe students, provide written and oral feedback, and monitor progress towards meeting the students’ relevant course objectives. Faculty also conduct seminars to support the students’ professional development and to meet course objectives.  Faculty members guide student learning and professional development while providing academic expertise throughout the study abroad process.

The second responsibility of the faculty is to arrange program logistics to ensure that all students have housing accommodations, school travel, and school placement. The faculty serves as a liaison between Cambridgeshire Schools and USF.

Faculty are selected based on the following criteria.

  • Recent experience with early field experience teams of students - i.e. Levels I, II (III for IV), or MAT practicum
  • Other significant recent and significant partnership work in schools
  • A record of coaching/mentoring success with preservice teachers
  • A clearly defined research agenda related to preservice teachers or preservice teacher education
  • A desire to collect specific research data while in England and to plan for IRBs and data collection as part of the experience
  • Experience driving on unknown and difficult urban and rural road systems.

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