Accelerated Master’s Program (STAMP)

The Science Teaching Accelerated Master’s Program (STAMP) allows students to complete a Bachelor’s degree in a science field and earn a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) for middle and high school science education in a total of five years.

What science majors are eligible for STAMP?

What if you are not majoring in any of these?

You may be able to change your major to Interdisciplinary Natural Science. You can find out information about the Interdisciplinary Natural Science major at this link:

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How do you do it all in just 5 years?

Apply to STAMP in your junior year (link to application below). During your senior year, complete 12 credits toward the MAT in Science Education. The year following receipt of the Bachelor’s degree is spent completing the remainder of the MAT courses.

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STAMP Scholar Course, Practica, & Teaching Internship Sequence

(3 credits each unless noted)

Fall (Senior Year)
  • Methods for Middle Grades Science Education SCE 5325
  • Topics in Science Education: Field Practicum SCE 6938
  • Other courses needed for completion of undergraduate degree
Spring (Senior Year)
  • Methods for Secondary Science Education SCE 5337
  • Teaching the Physical Sciences SCE 6456
  • Other courses needed for completion of undergraduate degree
  • Classroom Management for a Diverse School & Society ESE 5344
  • Foundations of Measurement EDF 6432
Fall (Year 5)
  • Teaching the Adolescent Learner ESE 5342
  • ESOL Education in Content Areas TSL 5325
  • Teaching Secondary School Biology SCE 6416
  • Current Trends in Secondary Science Education SCE 6634
Spring (Year 5)
  • Reading and Communication Science Education SCE 5564
  • Teaching Internship: Science Education SCE 6947 (6 credits)

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Potential STAMP scholars are encouraged to apply for the Noyce Scholarship at the same time as they apply to the Accelerated Program by submitting the following to the online application:

  1. A letter of intent (no more than 3 pages) that addresses your interest in teaching middle or high school science, and your willingness to participate in classes and other learning experiences encouraged by STAMP.
  2. At least two (2) letters of reference from science professionals, including at least one (1) letter from someone who can attest to your suitability to teach middle or high school.

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Applications for the Accelerated Program are due May 1. Late applications will be accepted through July 15.

You are encouraged to apply for the Robert Noyce USF Scholarship Program for Science Majors at the same as you submit your application to the Accelerated Program. This will expedite the review process