Allan Feldman

Professor, Science Education
College of Education
Department of Teaching and Learning
Science Education Program
University of South Florida
Tampa, FL 33604

-Science Teacher Accelerated Master's Program (STAMP) and Scholarship Program-

Complete your BA/BS in science and an MAT in science teacher education in 5 years and get $30,000 in scholarship

Undergraduate Summer Internship in Science Education Research

Science Education Undergraduate Program

Current Curriculum Vitae

Research Projects:

Graduate Courses

University of South Florida Courses

ESE 7690: Design and Evaluation of Teacher Education Programs

SCE 4320/5325: Teaching Methods in Middle Grade Science

SCE 6456: Teaching Secondary School Physical and Earth Sciences

EDG 7931: Action Research in Schools 

EEX 7143: Philosophies of Inquiry

Courses taught at University of Massachusetts Amherst:

Principles and Methods of Teaching Middle and High School Science (EDUC 512)

List of history and philosophy of science courses

Prepracticum (EDUC 592S) [click here for prepracticum and student teaching forms, and waiver application information]

Recent Issues in Science Education (EDUC 725)

Action Research in Schools (EDUC 718)

Being a New Teacher (EDUC695B)

Design and Evaluation of Educational Programs (EDUC 871)

Undergraduate courses

University of South Florida Courses

SCE 4310: Teaching Elementary School Science

SCE 4320/5325: Teaching Methods in Middle Grade Science

Courses taught at University of Massachusetts Amherst:

Exploring Math and Science Teaching (EDUC 197A)

Graduate and Undergraduate Advising Guidelines

FTCE- Florida Teacher Certification Examinations

Information about the PhD in Science Education

The Science Education Qualifying Exam

College of Education Ph.D., Ed.D., Ed.S. Handbook

Office of Graduate Studies Forms - These are the forms from the University

Information about Master's degrees in Science Education

Example Unit Plans for MAT and MEd Comprehensive Exams

Information about the Bachelor's degrees in science education

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College of Education EDU 105
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